Meet Scott Higgins

Meet Scott Higgins

I thought I would introduce myself and share some pertinent information with you that will help you learn more about me as a person and a candidate. I hope you will like what you read and learn and tell your friends about me.

I am married to Sharon for 51 years. We have two grown daughters and three grandchildren. We built a home in Antiquity in 2014. I walked across the street to volunteer my time and skills in Town Hall and the rest is history.

See Service and Achievements

I am a retired senior University of North Carolina system administrator, faculty member, and health care professional. I have resided in NC since 1981.

In retirement, like many of you, I am concerned about the quality of life experiences in my community. For 8 years I have dedicated myself to enhancing that quality of life and helping secure the community resources to sustain and grow Cornelius.

Since January 2015, when I became a Commissioner for Parks, Arts, Recreation, and Culture Commission and later it's chair, I have been actively engaged as a citizen appointee on important town committees, professional accreditations, and task forces and distinguished myself in that capacity.

When I am not in and around Town Hall, I frequent almost every neighborhood, on a weekly basis, on my bicycle in promoting Cornelius as a great place to work, live, and play for all who call Cornelius “home”.

I hope you have learned more about me and my aspiration in seeking public office. Please bookmark this website. More information will be forthcoming throughout the year.

I look forward to communicating more with you!

Professional Background

Western Carolina University’s first recipient, “Award for Excellence in Teaching” bronze medal presented by the University of North Carolina Board of Governors

  • Promoted to Full Professor, Dean, and Chief Research Officer. Awarded Professor Emeritus and Dean Emeritus status
  • Recipient, Distinguished Alumnus, University of Central Florida’s College of Health
  • President, Southern Conference (Athletic conference)
  • President, North Carolina Conference of Graduate Schools (leadership organization for all graduate Schools in NC)